Who is ALEA Training

ALEA Training began in 2009 to meet the need for high quality, easily accessible and affordable assisted living education in Wisconsin. We are located in Madison, Wisconsin and offer online and onsite training services consisting of courses that meet the state administrative code requirements for orientation training and continuing education for assisted living in Wisconsin.

We are currently expanding our online education to additional states. Check out the Events and Online Training pages to learn more.

For Wisconsin assisted living, ALEA Training offers the following additional training options in order to meet your needs:

Online Training approved by the Bureau of Assisted Living can be completed anytime and anyplace. There are hundreds of courses that cover a variety of topics so that you can choose courses that are most beneficial to your staff.

CBRF Training is scheduled every month at several locations throughout the state. We are currently offering classroom training in Eau Claire, Madison and Wausau metro areas.

CBRF Training Onsite is conveniently offered and taught by state approved trainers.

Personal Care Worker Course is now offered onsite that teaches new staff all of the required orientation courses to be a Qualified CBRF employee. This is offered in a 3-day or 5-day course.

In-Service Programs customized to meet needs and challenges providers face. These programs can be created to enhance team building, dementia care or meet the required hours of annual continuing education.

Additional Services and Consultations are offered to meet the changing needs and demands of our clients. These can be found on the 'Additions' page of our website.

ALEA Training will develop a flexible training program that works for you - both in the classroom and online.

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