Additional Services to Meet Compliance

CBRF Instructor Classes: These classes are for individuals to become CBRF Instructors for Fire Safety, First Aid/Choking, and Standard Precautions. See Events page for more information.

ISP Development & Updates: The Individual Service Plan details in writing the supports, activities, and resources required for a resident to achieve personal goals and remain as active and independent as possible. ALEA Training creates plans of care and provides annual updates.

Dementia Specific Training: Provided by a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Crisis Prevention for Challenging Behavior Trainer to create a dementia friendly environment. This training recognizes the experiences of the person with dementia and guides caregivers to better assist using engaging and meaningful strategies to enhance day-to-day life.

Statement of Deficiencies/Plans of Correction: This service is for providers that either have statement of deficiencies needing correction or for providers that want to get to the root of ongoing non-compliant issues.

Mock Licensing Survey: Sometimes another set of eyes is needed in making sure your building meets compliance inside and out! This service provides a complete walk-thru of all aspects of the regulations or can be customized to focus on specific areas.

Policies & Procedures: No need to reinvent the wheel! ALEA Training offers customized policies and procedures for your business.

Challenging Behavior Specialist Trainer: DHS created this course with three objectives in mind; recognize common challenging behaviors, interpret what the person with dementia is trying to communicate through the behavior and how to respond to the individual's unique needs.

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